Thursday, March 19, 2009

what kind of person you are...

Wanna try @ have you tried?
I just did a test called 'Perfume test - know what kind of person you are..' emailed by a fren of mine. Come in powerpoint slide 'Wonderwork Test.pps' & just answer 10 simple questions, you will get the result. Very interesting if you want to know your characters.

Maybe kita tak tau nak describe about ourselves & put in very nice words... this is the sample! The accuracy may not be 100%, tapi boleh lah!! Banyak jugak yang sama & boleh terima.

Below is the result of the test describing simple things about me... Ermmmm!! Kena tanya adik-adik I or kengkawan yang very close to me either this is really me? Just want to know about myself better ... want to confirm... betui ka ... hehe! Can aahhh?!?!

p/s: Sometimes people who are close to us might not really know 'bout you! They just take you for granted that they know you like 'luar & dalam'... but sometimes other people can see in your eyes or your look at your face & asked "akak ni ada problem ke? Nape akak nampak cam down je... (Ermmm...lari tajuk skit!!). Just like talking to myself.

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