Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh no! Oral Presentation!

I'm afraid of public speaking... I lack of confidence in doing it... Oral presentation... OMG! Why do I have to go thru this...?! ==> Last Sunday, our group presentation (Kapt.Hadi, Shahrul, Norish & me) had to present a Report Writing (for english language presentation) from our research/findings...

To make it worst, we've just finalised our report and prepared the presentation slides... 2 hours before the presentation starts. I had "butterfly in my stomach". How? Even an expert cannot do like we did...hehx3. We already make several appointments to meet up ...but...due to very tight office schedules ... some had to go outstation & doing overtime... (yg kena pi Melaka la, pi Bandung la, pi Johor la, aku plak...nak balik kpg sbb kenduri Wildan la...). We can't meet as promised.

Finally, we did it. We also have time to watch presentation from other students & gave our support. Besides, we study the way they presented it. We presented it not as good as others, but we did quite well. I just can't memorize well what I've read. Some I presented smoothly but some I read my notes...What to do! Sorry my frienzzz....But we just did it. Big clap to you all!

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